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How this Canadian Massage Therapist Made 5 figures in 6 Months

With Rebecca de Azevedo LMT (Utah)

“My name is Lindsay Finnie and I own Guelph Prenatal Massage. After joining the Rock Your Massage Practice Academy, I can come home from work happy and fulfilled. My main challenges beforehand were the fact that I had just moved to a new city and had no idea how to run a business. I knew that I had the skills to make it within the massage industry, but the lack of business knowledge was giving me issues. My original doubts about the program were that I was concerned about the initial investment but knew a colleague who had joined the program and her business flourished immensely. 

I realized this was an amazing decision once I gained the tools and confidence on how to network with other professionals. Beforehand, there was an overall lack of confidence. At this point, I am now receiving referrals from professionals I have met through networking. 

The Rock Your Massage Practice Academy has made a major impact on my business. It completely changed the way my business is done, and my practice is run. I have been open for 6 months and am already making 5 figures. I work 4 days a week, have 134 clients in my system, and am booked 3 weeks out.  I completely adore my practice and clients. 

I recommend the Rock Your Massage Practice Academy to anyone wanting to start over or do more. The best thing for everyone who joins the academy is the fact that you will gain the confidence to run your business in the best way.

Are you ready to take your massage practice to the next level? Reach out to learn more about joining the Rock Your Massage Practice Academy today.


Rock Your Massage Practice Academy with Rebecca de Azevedo, LMT, Business Mentor and Coach for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers.

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