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Modeling Successful People

With Rebecca Overson

One of the best methods to gain success within your industry is to model successful people. In most situations, there will be a person whom you admire within your niche due to the way they gained their success or whether it’s a trait about them. This person will be defined in your mind as exemplary. You must model that person’s behaviors to extrapolate or pull what exactly makes them good at what they do.

You need to identify any idiosyncrasies which are unusual behaviors, mannerisms or reactions of a person or group of people. Identify from the person you are modeling the things that they do consciously and unconsciously. This is necessary to see why they do things the way they do things. After studying this person, you need to be able to instill those behaviors in yourself and duplicate the behavior in your own way. Think the way that that person is thinking and ask yourself what is important to them. All people who are masterful at something have unconscious competence, meaning that they are good at something, but they don’t necessarily know why. It is important to note that when you model success, it cuts the time of learning something in half.

However, you need to be careful who you identify as someone to model, because you may be modeling unsuccessful people or following a model that you don’t have a structure to follow. Many people do not realize that they are unconsciously modeling struggle, defeat, and setbacks. The massage industry has proven that anyone can have a level of great success. You can be successful in any niche if it is the right niche for you. It is important to remember that you need to be exposed to a better way of thinking in order to elevate as a person and business owner.

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