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This AZ Mobile Massage Therapist went from Depending on Referrals to Gaining More Leads than Ever

With Rebecca Overson

My name is Frank Bunevich and I own Sonoran Mobile Massage and Bodywork. Before joining the Rock Your Massage Practice academy, I knew that I was good at massage because I was receiving compliments about my work. I was blinded because I know I’m a business owner, but I didn’t know how to run a business. Every time that I wouldn’t get a client, I would just get disappointed. I realized I was depending on referrals.

I realized joining the academy was the best decision for me when there was a volume of information provided about business that was specifically catered to the massage industry. This made things very engaging for me. There was a heavy emphasis on investing within yourself. It was a very supportive environment.

The Rock Your Massage Practice Academy allowed me to push my smart goal before hallway through. This changed the way that I approached my business and myself. It started a chain reaction for me that fell into every aspect of my life. It was completely worth the investment because it was an investment within me. It led to more leads and more client bookings than ever. I also learned to charge my worth and not just what other people are charging. I would recommend the academy to any massage therapist that has an entrepreneur mindset and wants to work for themselves. I can take this information into other businesses and ventures. It is amazing if you want to become your own boss.

Are you interested in taking your business to the next level? Reach out to learn more about joining the Rock Your Massage Practice Academy today.


Rock Your Massage Practice Academy with Rebecca de Azevedo Overson, LMT, Business Mentor and Coach for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers.

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