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Why are most massage therapists afraid of working on pregnant woman?

With Rebecca Overson

Within the massage industry, there is a level of fear around performing work on pregnant woman. It is important to uncover why there is so much fear about this topic so that we can educate others, be sensitive, and help to support and empower other massage therapists.

A major reason is since pregnancy is seen as pathology. It is seen as “a disease” that can be cured by getting the baby out. This gives us the view that pregnant women as a liability or fragile. There is an overall fear of doing harm. However, what most don't realize is that pregnancy is one of the most resilient state for a woman's body biologically. Our bodies are meant to reproduce. A woman's body will also not go into labor unless it is ready to. You cannot force a woman's body into labor.

Overall, there is a lack of pregnancy and birth knowledge within the massage industry. Most educational program combine these topics. In result, there is a limit to a few hours of training.

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