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Are you ACTUALLY Mapping Out your Business Correctly?

With Rebecca Overson


I want to talk to you about something!

I am finding that there are a lot of massage therapists who are having issues building their practice for one simple reason: They are not following the proper STEPS!

The #1 thing that I hear therapists say is “I have to get clients,” but getting clients is step 10…

OR I'll often hear, “I need to rent a room,” but renting a room is step 9!

If you want to build a thriving practice, you need to follow the steps in the right way.

Here are some of the steps that I find ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!

  • The FIRST step that any therapist should take is to connect to your purpose and declare a niche. You have to know why you're doing what you're doing and who you're serving.
  • STRATEGICALLY name your business. There are toooooo many massage therapists that aren't naming their businesses to attract the right clients. Your name should position you as an authority and should not be “cute” or “punny”.
  • Eradicate your fears. Mindset is a hugeee part of your success or struggle! Having a positive mindset and outlook on life will flow into everything you do.
  • Set strategic goals. You need to be able to look into the future and know that the actions that you're taking are leading you to that goal.
  • Create policies and infrastructure. Passion without structure is just an expensive hobby. You will burn yourself out if you do not have policies in place.

The LAST thing you should be worried about is getting a physical location and clients. This will come together with setting up your practice.

Do you want YOUR copy of how to map out your practice? Click HERE! 🙂

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I believe in you,



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