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How this New York Therapist was able to DOUBLE her income within MONTHS!!!

With Rebecca Overson

My name is Jennifer Morgan and I own Gotham Therapeutic Massage in New York City. I finished the Rock Your Massage Practice Academy in June 2020.

Prior to attending the academy, I felt like I overall wasn't successful. I believe that overall my biggest win was gaining my confidence back.

I had been working solo in my private practice for 3 years. I had no idea what I was doing or how to gain new clients. I was afraid to raise my rates due to my fear of losing my current clients. I was working from a place of fear and putting myself last. In the end, I was losing clients.

My biggest gain from the Rock Your Massage Practice Academy was becoming connected with tons of massage therapists from all over the world. They are so supportive and provide the best advice. A major moment for me was when I decided to raise my rates. I never thought I could do it and the support from everyone within the academy meant the world to me.

I was able to completely rebrand my business and build a new website. I have also been able to bring in over 50 new clients since I started working with Rebecca. I have doubled my income and I am able to work with and surround myself with who I want to. I don't allow other people's opinions to run my business anymore.

Before the pandemic, I was making around 5K a month and was able to double that within months of starting the academy.

I recommend the Rock Your Massage Practice Academy to anyone who already has the skills and the talent but doesn't know how to run a business. It is meant for people who want to grow their income and create their own hours, but just don't know how to do it.

Are you ready to reap all the benefits of attending the Rock Your Massage Practice Academy? Click HERE to schedule your free call with Rebecca's team.


Rock Your Massage Practice Academy with Rebecca de Azevedo Overson, LMT, Business Mentor and Coach for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers.

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