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How To Stay SAFE as a Massage Therapist

With Rebecca Overson


I know that so many of you practice at home. 

My dear friend Nicki made an AMAZING video in our free Facebook group for massage therapists regarding some tips to keep you safe in your practice. 

Safety is insanely essential no matter where or how you run your practice. 

Here are some of the safety steps that Nicki included to implement into your practice. 

  1. Choosing a niche attracts the right people and deters the wrong ones. For example – If your business name is “Salt Lake Prenatal Massage,” you’re less likely to be mistaken for anything other than a prenatal massage therapist. 
  2. Your business name should convey both professionalism and authority. If you are receiving many inappropriate requests, it could be because your business name may have an unintended sexual connotation. 
  3. Premium pricing is a safety feature. When unsavory types see higher rates, they know that no one will put up with their mischief. But how do you raise your rates and remain busy and successful? Require credit cards at the time of booking! Clients with bad intentions won’t want to leave their credit card information. Having a credit card on file also helps protect your time because it ensures you have a way to get paid when people cancel with short notice. (It’s a WIN-WIN!!)
  4. When you’re firm in your boundaries, clear in your communication and comfortable with saying no, you demonstrate that you are not to be messed with. People-pleasing behaviors can make you a prime target for predators. Coaching can help you gain the confidence to honor your boundaries without sacrificing your kindness. If you are looking for a mentor who truly cares about you and your success, click HERE to schedule a free 60-minute discovery call with my team to see if we would be a good fit to work together. 
  5. Recognize code words. Some can include these terms: full-body, full-service, release, groin injury, prostate massage, questions about draping, Asian massage, or stating “other massage therapists do XYZ….”

Nicki goes into waaayyy more detail in the full video and even includes some bonus tips!! If you prefer a text version, you can click HERE to read it. 

I will see you there!

I believe in you,



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