4 Shifts for Creating a Successful Massage Practice, even in the midst of crisis!

Are you ready to finally create a sustainable massage practice that allows you to do what you love, while making a living, and making the difference you feel called to make?

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How This Struggling LMT
Went From Just Getting
By to Attracting
50 New Clients A Month

In this Exclusive 45 Minute Training, I’ll cover….

  • The #1 thing you must have in place if you want to attract clients - period!
  • How to avoid the TWO not-so obvious vulnerabilities in the massage industry that threaten to kill your chances of success... no matter how successful you are.
  • A step-by-step plan to ensure your practice is set up to survive, and even THRIVE in ANY crisis - even if you've tried and failed before.
  • How to go from feeling powerless in marketing to being a MAGNET for the right kind of clients!
  • A rock-solid strategy for growing your own massage practice faster than you ever thought possible - without making costly mistakes.

Hi, I’m Rebecca de Azevedo Overson, LMT and Massage Industry Leader.

I’ve been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1995 and I was the founder and owner of a very successful pregnancy and massage clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah.

As the founder of Rock Your Massage Practice Academy and Mentor to over 12,500 Private Facebook Group Members, I help massage therapists create thriving practices of their own across the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

I get thousands of requests every month from struggling massage therapists just like you, hoping to escape the grind of working for someone else, barely getting by and feeling unappreciated. I’ve been able to help them break free, create their own sustainable massage businesses and finally get the income and respect they deserve.

But it wasn’t always this way.

In 9 years, I never had less than 50 NEW clients a month - with zero paid advertising! I've had as many as 14 employees, and have been called a force of nature in the massage field.

I went to massage school at age 17. It was my dream. Like you, I was very skilled, but was baffled about how to get consistent clients. After 8 years of spinning my wheels, feeling discouraged and still just getting by, I came to believe my massage school had LIED! I was convinced there was no way to make massage therapy into a lucrative career. So I quit!

But I couldn’t shake the dream - and the desire to help people. I knew in my heart that massage therapy is much needed, and there are thousands of high-paying, legitimate clients out there looking for a professional therapist. I became determined to create my own successful, sustainable business. I made a profit from the first month, doubled my client load from 10/week to 20/week in 30 days! I finally quit my "other job" and supported my family of four as a massage therapist.

In the 9 years I owned my business, I never had less than 50 NEW clients a month - with zero paid advertising! I've had as many as 14 employees, and have been called a force of nature in the massage field.

Look, most therapists are given HORRIBLE business advice. I’m here to share what I know works, and what YOU need to go from zero to hero in just 8 weeks. I know it works because my coaching clients duplicate my process and achieve amazing results every single day.

They will never again have to wonder what to do to market their practice and get plenty of the RIGHT clients in the door - consistently, no matter what.
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4 Shifts To Creating Your Successful
Massage Practice:

  • Own Your Thriving, Crisis-proof Practice!
  • Attract High-paying Clients WITHOUT Paid Ads!
  • Follow A Proven, Step-by-step Strategy!
  • Finally, The RIGHT Business Advice!

Never Again Will You Be:

  • Working For Someone Else
  • Just Getting By
  • Feeling Powerless And Overwhelmed
  • Making Costly Mistakes

I promise, by the end of this
100% FREE, 100% REAL training,

  • Own a rock-solid massage business in just 8 weeks
  • Attract the RIGHT CLIENTS like a magnet
  • Follow my step-by-step plan to set up, manage and grow your business
  • MAKE MONEY not costly mistakes
  • THRIVE instead of survive

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You are talented, skilled and amazing.
It’s time to share that with the world with your own massage practice. I’m looking forward to your success!

- Rebecca de Azevedo Overson

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