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Student Success Stories – Old

I'm blessed to work with the BEST massage therapists all over the world.
Nothing makes me happier than when I hear the words: “Rebecca, you've changed my life!”
These are real life stories from real life massage therapists who have taken charge of their practices, income, time, and destiny.

I can't wait to add YOUR success story to this collection!

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Here's what a few of my graduates have to say: 

I feel very fortunate that I was set up well by the massage school I graduated from in that I felt very ready to start my practice right out the gate. I was prepared to hustle, I was prepared to make connections, I was prepared to do laundry out the nose. For the first few months in business, I saw steady growth, I celebrated each new client, I talked to everyone I could about my practice. After a few months, I had a steady stream of repeat business but I felt I had tapped my network for new connections.

I decided to work with Rebecca because I was in the do-or-die phase of my financial situation. Through the program and working with Rebecca, I gained clarity on how to attract new people, people outside my network. I narrowed my focus to a target demographic and marketed my pants off to only those people. I made genuine, lasting connections with people who happily throw clients at me. I learned to be a marketing superstar.

I also learned what it means to truly lean into my passion. I was able to hone things in so that every day I am excited to work with the people who come through my doors and onto my table. I also have confidence that as I continue to be laser focused on my passions, I will continue to attract the right people. I am completely confident that I have the tools, the drive, and the ability to have a thriving practice; a practice that looks exactly the way I choose. – ED, Maine USA


When I found Rebecca, , I was at my wits end. I had been working out of my home for 2 years, luckily starting with my client list that came from my old job (that gave me 4 days notice that they where closing!). But I hadn't done much more then let them know where I was moving to and my hours. I had a fair amount follow me, but I wasn't doing any thing to get new clients in. and as time goes people start coming less, though life changes and moving and what not. I had just had a 6 appointment month, and this was suppose to be my full time job.

I was listening to some online business seminars and had not been very impressed by the presenters so far. I heard a lot of buzz words, and nothing that I felt I could take away and use. Then  Rebecca de Azevedo Overson came on and just in hearing her story of starting out I could hear someone talking to me! in the same sort of situation I found myself in. and When she talked it wasn't buzz words, it was useful interesting and actionable. She wanted to help. As soon as she said she would do a discovery call I was putting in my info because I wanted to work with some one that “got” me!

Now, I have a marketing plan. I have a website and I am proud of it. I have added 44 new clients to my business since April after only adding around 5 over the two years before. It took some time for things to start rolling in, but it was this program that got the ball rolling and set me on this new path. -CM, Ontario, CAN


Rebecca, you are an absolutely amazing person for offering this program to us! There are a lot of massage therapists that are struggling to be successful. Obviously, we still have issues in our industry about being taken seriously and not looked at sexually. But, this program offers hope and inspiration to massage therapists. People who complete this program, are transformed into serious massage therapists with the potential to be successful business owners. Each person who completes your program is helping change the massage industry into what it should be! I no longer feel the need to compete with other massage therapist in town. I now have the confidence of knowing I am a specialist and nobody else can do what I do, the way I do it!!! As you know, I am a biker chick and not a girly girl, but here you got me tearing up again!! So I'm going to stop here, I just want you to know how much I appreciate you and this program. Without you, I would probably be standing in line at Starbucks right now getting six coffees for a bunch of people who don't appreciate me. Instead, I am now a successful business owner… and I am going to find someone to go get ME some coffee!!! ❤️

-KP, North Carolina USA


I want to thank you for this intensive 8 week course. It has allowed me to focus differently on not only my business and it’s ebb and flow, but to look at life a little differently also. 

Since enrolling in the Academy I have seen an increase in business, and for this I am very grateful – Before entering this class, I hadn’t seen new foot traffic in over 4 months. In May I saw 5 new clients, and in June I have had 4 so far. I also have a new one coming in on the 2nd of July; this is an encouraging boost. 

I am now more diligent in looking at all of my numbers, before joining the academy I had just basically resigned to “I’m tired of rebuilding and putting my heart and soul into something that just isn’t paying off”. I was ready to walk away from massage all together and go get a “real” grown up job as my family likes to put it. I am grateful that I have been connected to so many like minded practitioners, working around people who are on the verge of burn out can really dampen your flame; but the people I was introduced to in this group have rekindled my love of our profession.I love that things are going in a positive direction again, and I can’t wait to see how this keeps growing. Thanks again!   –TE, Washington State USA


Before the 8-week program, my practice was happening to me, it was slowly and little by little growing, but at no result of anything I was doing. One of my goals was to hit $4K in revenue during the program, and I DID! The program was life changing, I see things clearly now. I have a better vision, I hold myself and others more accountable, I can live the life I want to live. I want to tell every massage therapist who asks about your program to just DO IT, get over your fears and start living the life you only dreamed of !I am eternally grateful. The program has changed my life in so many ways more than just my massage practice. You have been an inspiration for life and deepened my practice and I love you for everything the program brought into my life. – MR, Colorado, USA


The biggest things I got from working with Rebecca is confidence/believing that I can do this! Communication with clients is a huge one and reaching out for referrals. Support. Knowing I can come back, share and have feedback and help. Those… and a whole lot of other things too. – JG, Eumundi, AUSTRALIA


I got to let go of the fears that was holding me back from my destiny… I grabbed ahold of it and made it my own.  I quit my job that I hated, and started my own practice. I feel like I took back my life from what my brain tried to tell me which was incorrect. I learned how to turn nothing into something and to keep moving forward without worrying about what happened in the past. -DL, Missouri USA  


I got clarity on who I wanted to be and how I wanted my practice grow. I got confidence in my work and being able to teach my clients how to work with me. I know how many clients I need a month to meet my goals. I was also inspired to go bigger than I thought I could!– RA, Connecticut, USA  


What I got out of the program — I gained confidence in my communication with clients! I used to be so timid! (I still can be) but it is so easy for me now to be straight up with clients..asking them to rebook is easy. My clients are all so impressed with me before they even walk in my door. I know I have gotten many other things but this really stands out to me at the moment.. thank you so much for that Rebecca!  -AH, Arizona USA


During the program I was able to create the foundation for my business (website, forms, policies etc), because I started working with you only three weeks into my business. Also about working on mindset and limiting beliefs, and getting them out of my life because they are not real and do not serve me (still working on that daily!).  -EW, New York, USA  


The biggest measurable WOW factor for me was the number of new clients I was able to get in a short time period. One of my three goals during the mentorship was to get 15 new clients (I work part-time from home). I got FIFTY! In two months! And dozens more since!

What I got from the mentorship that I was so desperately in need of was STRATEGY. Everyone knows you can offer discounts or create facebook ads or print flyers to promote your business. All of that is useless without a clearly defined strategy. I learned how to talk about my private practice in a way that appeals to the right people – how to market myself appropriately so my target clients are drawn to me. I narrowed down who my ideal clients are, where to find them, how to speak to them, and how to get them to refer their friends and colleagues to me.

I was encouraged to create clear boundaries and to stand up for myself when required. I learned to say no when I need to, and that I don't have to fear my clients leaving because I'm raising my rates or I have limited availability.

I learned to change my attitude when business is slow or I'm having a rough day. A simple shift in mindset can help immensely. I now see empty timeslots as opportunities to continue to promote my small business. Hell, I'm still learning!

Most importantly, I learned that I can do this. There was a time when I wasn't so sure about that. – IN, Ontario, CANADA


I got a whole new mindset out of the program. I gained confidence in doing business. I have a business degree and came from managing a summer resort, yet I had trouble moving those skills over into my massage therapy practice. I love that I have policies and integrity in my business which makes it run so much better and makes me look so much more professional. I love the whole new outlook I have on everything…mindset, gratitude, everything that helps me to continually grow my business and myself as a person. I was able to go on two months maternity leave and the month I came back I made more money than the last month I was there! I have the skills to not miss a beat! I have clarity….I don't have to constantly think of what should I do now, how can I get more clients, would this work, would that work. I have a blueprint and a game plan to keep me focused and on track! -CK, Arkansas USA


Where do I start….??? When I started my practice I had the confidence as a massage therapist, but not as a business owner. I thought I could muddle my way through, in other words, cross my fingers and hope this works. I was trying to get anyone and everyone on my table. Boy, looking back over the last year and a half, I was clueless. Sometimes I still feel that way, but now I know I have peeps I can turn to for support/advise. Since the academy I have more than doubled my practice and I haven't even tried everything from the academy! I now have more confidence as a business owner! I know my numbers, before the academy I wanted nothing to do with them. Having a niche is huge! Not only do I love massage/bodywork, but I love the type of massage/bodywork that I am doing. I have been doing mindset work for years now, but to be able to take it to another level since the academy has been so awesome! I am just realizing that I have a new mind set. Changed from “I don't know….” to “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Let's do this!” -KM, Michigan USA


What I got out of the program was letting go of the fears the unknowns and not caring about what other people think as well as gaining confidence in my ability to become my own business owner. Setting goals and manifesting through positivity what I want to see and results. Knowing the best way to network with like-minded people in the community and reaching out to people who know and love what I do. Doing the mindset work you teach us, and having the support with my teammates in the weekly Q&A calls as well as learning how to implement policies and setting up all the strategies to get things rolling. There's so much more but the main thing is stepping into my power and believing in myself. – DB, North Carolina USA

Screenshots from our Facebook Group:


(From a student who is half way through the 8 week program – not even finished yet!) –    Rebecca – I know I have been a bit slow on all of this but am doing lots of work to make sure I understand it all, working on still clarifying my niche, where to go with my logo, website, etc.. But I just wanted to tell you that when I asked the universe for help in July it is coming back to me more than I can have imagined. I asked for help with my business and there your program popped up, I asked for more clients and reaffirmed that with you (still need to clarify and pin it down more though) for this program. I still have a week to go for the month but I have had 5 new clients so far this month, 1 more scheduled for next week, My current sales for the month to date are 56 percent higher than last month. It has been my busiest month so far with bookings and working with my full time corporate employer to go from 40 plus hours a week to 32 hours only starting October 1. Wanted to say thank you and send lots of gratitude and love to you for what I have learned so far. Still lots to get through and am so excited to grow more with the program… DS, Connecticut USA