Empowering Massage Therapists, Bodyworkers, and Healers to Get Consistent Bookings and Make a Living Doing What They Love.

From Struggling LMT to High Level Massage Business Coach and Strategist

I’m Rebecca Overson, and I am on a mission to help massage therapists SUCCEED in business for themselves.

As an LMT since 1995 (before the INTERNET, you guys), I’ve had plenty of failures and successes.

But guess what??? You don’t have to struggle to figure out what it takes to have a successful massage practice of your own…

I offer an 8 -week, high-level Mentoring Program for massage therapists who are serious about success.

I’ve coached massage therapists around the world to reach unprecedented levels of success in their practices with some making 6 figures a year even during economic or social shutdowns. 

If you haven’t already, please click the link below to get a FREE exclusive 60-min training for massage therapists.


Get Paid More For What You Do

Our students go from $1000-$3000/month to consistent $5000-$10,000 months.  We can help you do the same

Disaster Proof Your Business

No matter what's happening with the economy, or global health your business can thrive no matter what.

Work With Clients You Love

Instead of working with anyone and everyone that shows up to your practice, we show you how to find clients you love.

Massage Therapy School Didn't Prep You For Everything

Student Achievements

Now, I have a marketing plan. I have a website and I am proud of it. I have added 44 new clients to my business since April after only adding around 5 over the two years before. It took some time for things to start rolling in, but it was this program that got the ball rolling and set me on this new path. -CM, Ontario, CAN




Before the 8-week program, my practice was happening to me, it was slowly and little by little growing, but at no result of anything I was doing. One of my goals was to hit $4K in revenue during the program, and I DID! The program was life changing, I see things clearly now. I have a better vision, I hold myself and others more accountable, I can live the life I want to live. I want to tell every massage therapist who asks about your program to just DO IT, get over your fears and start living the life you only dreamed of !I am eternally grateful. The program has changed my life in so many ways more than just my massage practice. You have been an inspiration for life and deepened my practice and I love you for everything the program brought into my life. – MR, Colorado, USA


Rebecca – I know I have been a bit slow on all of this but am doing lots of work to make sure I understand it all, working on still clarifying my niche, where to go with my logo, website, etc.. But I just wanted to tell you that when I asked the universe for help in July it is coming back to me more than I can have imagined. I asked for help with my business and there your program popped up, I asked for more clients and reaffirmed that with you (still need to clarify and pin it down more though) for this program. I still have a week to go for the month but I have had 5 new clients so far this month, 1 more scheduled for next week, My current sales for the month to date are 56 percent higher than last month. It has been my busiest month so far with bookings and working with my full time corporate employer to go from 40 plus hours a week to 32 hours only starting October 1. Wanted to say thank you and send lots of gratitude and love to you for what I have learned so far. Still lots to get through and am so excited to grow more with the program… DS, Connecticut USA


Rock Your Massage Practice Academy Isn't for Everyone

This program is ONLY for self-employed massage therapists who are:

Completely sick of struggling to figure it all out.

Have a SERIOUS need to build/grow (or start) their own practice NOW (even if you don’t know how)

Coachable and 100% committed to their own success.

Rock Your Massage Practice Academy is NOT a Do-It-Yourself Massage Business Course

This is a very high-level GROUP MENTORING program with me and my all-star team, where you will work with us to help you solve all your current practice building headaches in just 8 weeks.  You can even earn CEU's in the process.

For real.

If this resonates with you and you’re ready to grow your practice FASTER, with proven strategies and expert guidance from someone who can spare you from business mistakes —

We have a few spots open each week to talk with YOU!

Choose a time on our calendar for your Discovery Call with my team. We promise you will get massive value and clarity!

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Pregnancy Massage Basics Course

This foundation course is for the massage therapist or massage therapy student who wants to stop being afraid of pregnant clients and actually feel confident with pregnancy massage!

This basic course will dispel the many myths and misconceptions surrounding pregnancy massage so that you don’t have to worry about what to do when you have a pregnant client on your table. (6 CEU's)

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Maternity Massage Specialist Training, Level 1

This online course covers the essentials of prenatal and postpartum massage therapy and is for licensed massage therapists and massage therapy students.

If you plan on SPECIALIZING in pregnancy massage, this is the course for YOU! (12 CEU's)

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