Prenatal Massage Training

Working with moms and babies is THE BEST.

And it makes me sad that so many massage therapists are scared to work with pregnant women.

Many prenatal massage courses I’ve seen (and information coming out of massage schools) are just not accurate.

Sometimes the curriculum is simply “what has always been taught…”

which could be totally fear-based, and/or not based on actual experience.

My former staff and I have worked with over 10,000 pregnant clients at my former clinic, Salt Lake Prenatal Massage, from 2009.-2018. My expertise comes from massive, real life EXPERIENCE…not hypothetical situations or basic theory.

The feedback I’ve heard in my career with pregnant women is that when they go to a normal massage place for prenatal massage, the therapist just doesn’t seem comfortable working with them. (I’ve actually had that experience as a pregnant woman before I started my practice…DON’T BE THAT THERAPIST!)

Whether you work in a spa, in a massage office, or in private practice, you are BOUND to encounter the occasional pregnant woman in your practice or in your job.

The vast majority of therapists are scared, misinformed, and confused – or perhaps just curious to learn more- about pregnancy massage.

I’m here to solve that problem!

View my courses here:

PREGNANCY MASSAGE BASICS – for ALL massage therapists (6 CEUS)

MATERNITY MASSAGE CERTIFICATION – LEVEL 1 – for massage therapists who want to SPECIALIZE in prenatal massage. (12 CEUS)

Also, feel free to join the discussion in my Prenatal Massage Specialists Facebook Group. 

I am a CEU provider through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.