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Embark on an epic journey to transform your massage therapy business like never before! Discover a treasure trove of courses that will unlock your potential and redefine expertise in your field. Join us and elevate your mastery to extraordinary heights!

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Know Your Numbers

This training helps you figure out what you are currently making and what you need to make to help your practice become successful! This 2 part training will revolutionize how you think as a massage practice business owner.

Curated Library

Free Access to hundreds of blogs, video lessons, and all things massage therapy to help you make your massage therapy practice successful.

Nail Your Niche

Join our workshop to gain a comprehensive understanding of why having a niche is essential for attracting clients swiftly in the massage therapy industry. Learn what a niche truly means and dispel the "scarcity myth" that catering to everyone leads to success.

Heart-Centered Selling Workshop

A heart-centered approach to selling and self-promotion for massage therapists who want to better communicate their value and help more people!

Mapping Out Your 6-Figure Massage Practice Workshop

No More Wondering Where To Start! Get Complete Clarity And A Personalized Business Roadmap In Just Two Days!

Prenatal Massage Basics

This foundation course is for the massage therapist or massage therapy student who wants to stop being afraid of pregnant clients and actually feel confident with pregnancy massage! (6.5 CEUs)

Maternity Massage Certification Level 1

This online course covers the essentials of prenatal and postpartum massage therapy and is for licensed massage therapists and massage therapy students. If you plan on SPECIALIZING in pregnancy massage, this is the course for YOU! (12 CEUs)

Maternity Massage Certification Level 2

This is primarily all the HANDS ON skills and practices you learned in Level 1. Hands on practice, skills demonstration, evaluation and assessment on actual pregnant clients.

Start Your Massage Practice™

Start Your Massage Practice™ is a DIY massage business fundamentals course for people who haven't begun their own practice and don't know where to start, aren't quite ready to go all-in on their practice but want a roadmap to get started, OR have started a practice but it has stalled out and they don't know why.

Rock Your Massage Practice Academy

Where massage therapists can launch or grow their own thriving practices with proven strategies and full support from our all-star team.

Academy Pass

Unlock Continued Success with Academy Pass! Are you a proud graduate of Rock Your Massage Practice Academy, eager to keep the momentum going and take your skills to new heights, but want ongoing access to Rock Your Massage Practice Academy? We've got the perfect solution for you – introducing the Academy Pass! (Must have graduated from the Academy to purchase this offer)

Backstage Pass

Backstage Pass is a group mindset coaching program for graduates of Rock Your Massage Practice Academy who are humans committed to being unstoppable in life and thriving in business.

Healing with the Minds Eye™

Your introduction to understanding the subconscious mind and helping your clients heal on a whole new level.

Creating Your Future™

In this workshop, you are going to learn a new skill – you are going to learn how to take something – a goal, a milestone, a result you want – put it in your future, and then make it happen exactly the way you want.

Hypnotherapy Training & Certification

This course covers the basics of Hypnotherapy and Guided Therapeutic Imagery, including techniques, hypnotic language concepts, and scripts to equip you to do effective Hypnosis/Healing sessions with your clients.

Transformational Healing Coach - Practitioner

Looking for "Life Coach" certification? Create profound change in yourself and others by mastering the language of the mind! Online TRAINING at your own pace, plus 5-day CERTIFICATION event in Salt Lake City.

Transformational Healing Coach - Master Practitioner

This course is available to graduates of our Transformational Healing Coach Level 1 Practitioner course. In our MASTER Practitioner course, you’ll receive Master Level training and certification in four methodologies to fundamentally and exponentially shift your consciousness, your business, and your life, in the direction of your dreams.

Transformation Society

This program is for Certified Transformational Healing Coaches, and is open to both Practitioners and Master Practitioners seeking for ongoing support and accountability to transform your healing and coaching practice.

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When I enrolled in the program I was a 12 year massage therapy veteran on the verge of burnout. I needed to make changes to my practice but I didn't know where to start. With the help of RYMP, I was able to raise my rates, change my mindset, and make changes in my practice that allow me to thrive both personally and professionally. It is an investment, and no matter where you're at in your practice, you can benefit from the program. I highly recommend booking a discovery call to see if it's the right fit for you.

Michelle Ratz-McGuire
Michelle Ratz-McGuire December 16, 2023

The program change my life!!! Rebecca and Rock your massage practice academy helped me create a balance between personal and work life. It gave me the tools to stop 85 massages per month to a more manageable no more than 60 per month and make the same money. What would you do an extra 35 hours per month?

Hart October 18, 2023

This is an incredible program. Not only has my business improved, I have changed so much myself and get incredible coaching to help guide me through being a better business owner. The coaches are amazing and the community of people in this program offer so much support too. I couldn’t recommend it more!

Leah Anderson
Leah Anderson October 18, 2023

This Academy is more than just business coaching... it is a full system upgrade for life. When I joined RYMPA, I didn't realize that it would be the best decision I would ever make for myself and my business. I had owned my private practice for 2 years and felt like I hit a plateau. And within just 60 days of incredible coaching... my entire practice evolved, tenfold. I completely rebranded my practice, over doubled my income, gained the courage to make huge business decisions like moving my office into a new space that supports my growth, identified and transformed limiting beliefs (that were effecting my whole life - not just my business), and learned that there was SO MUCH that I wasn't doing - that I didn't even know I should be doing - in order to be truly successful and thriving. I can't say THANK YOU enough.

Ashley Guerrieri
Ashley Guerrieri October 17, 2023

There is not enough space to even being telling you how my life and business has been radically transformed since I started working with Rebecca and her amazing team two years ago. I can personally attest to the amount of love, support, and personal investment they pour into their clients. You will have your own personal cheerleading team championing you on not just from the coaches but also from the community of healers you will become a member of. If you have been dreaming small or within the limits of your finances then you can't afford not to work with Rebecca. You deserve to dream within the limitless power and support of the universe!

amy gunn
amy gunn October 16, 2023

Rock Your Massage Practice Academy maps out a week by week plan for my massage business. Whether you are just starting out or you have been in practice for years, this program fills in the blanks. It pushes the ceiling for personal and professional growth. The staff supplies amazing support!

Tammy Shaffer
Tammy Shaffer October 13, 2023

Amazing, amazing, amazing!!! If you have always dreamed of owning your own massage practice but don’t know where to start, join this program! This program has helped me turn my hobby into a professional business and live a life of freedom while doing the work I love.

Kellie Greene
Kellie Greene October 13, 2023

I went through RYMP Academy in 2018 when it was very new, and I was amazed at the growth of my business after 8 weeks. Maybe even more amazing was the growth in my mindset. One of my favorite things about RYMP is once you're in you become part of a community of massage therapists that support you and celebrate WITH you and FOR you. As the academy evolves, I continue to have access to all of it as a graduate of the program. The support from the coaches is genuine and honest. Weekly Q & A calls are gold. I considered my business to be successful before RYMP, but I always knew there was something missing to get me to the next level. For me, RYMP has been life changing, both professionally and personally. My income increased exponentially, my rebooking rate is phenomenal, my schedule is full a minimum of 2-4 weeks out consistently, I gained the confidence to raise my rates from $60/hr to $125/hr and clients don't bat an eye. RYMP was hands down the best investment I've made for my business, and for myself.

Andrea McCarthy
Andrea McCarthy September 28, 2023

The program has held me accountable for my business. They have an approach tha is tailored for massage therapist, healthcare workers, and look to fill the voids where we are not aware of. They see our talent and our gift and they only want us to go further. To continue our work and reach our full financial potential. I am a true fan and cannot wait to see what they will do next. I would do it again, I have no regrets!

Chris Miranda
Chris Miranda September 26, 2023

I love Rebecca so much! I graduated almost a year ago, and I am actually living with a wage instead of surviving. The program has helped me in so many ways, and continues to help me with more creative ways to grow my business with techniques that actually work. ITs all tried and true...the blueprint for a massage biz is easy to follow, a lot of work, but easy to follow. DO the thing and you will succeed. Every day and every year from here on out is only up! Thank you Rebecca and team for these amazing tools!

Kimberly Reyes
Kimberly Reyes September 26, 2023

I am a sole practitioner with stellar "hands-on" skills; however, I was lost at how to structure my business. I was frustrated, stuck, and focusing on the wrong tasks to grow my business. I found Rebecca's RYMP academy in 2019. Talk about an answer to my prayers. She is knowledgeable, personable and more importantly she has walked the walk successfully. I connected with Rebecca immediately when I felt how much she cares about unleashing healers in the world by empowering them to empower themselves. She can back up her work through her many successes. She helped me personally through mindset work and professionally through strategies and so much more. She was the obvious choice, so I invested in myself by hiring her. My return of investment continues to grow. I joined another of her needed courses Back Stage Pass to continue honing my skills as a Boss Lady. My whole business has turned around. I have increased my income while reducing my hours. I have policies in place to protect my time and money. I have gained tools to work on and off my massage table. My future Self will surely thank me too. Love the continued support. Rebecca has created a community of like-minded peers from all over the globe striving to elevate our beloved industry. It is about time. Kudos Rebecca! I am forever grateful to you and your staff. I still have more goals to achieve; however, I know I am better equipped because of Rebecca and my determination to achieve.

Ruth Espada, LMT
Ruth Espada, LMT September 26, 2023

A must-have for any massage therapist, no matter where you are in your career. With over three decades of experience as a massage therapist, I wholeheartedly recommend the Rock Your Massage Practice Academy course as a game-changer. It offers a clear roadmap, essential tools, mentorship, and a supportive community of fellow massage therapists to help you take your business to the next level. Do what it takes to get started on your best future now! You won't regret it.

Michele Kelly
Michele Kelly September 25, 2023

Rebecca and her team completely transformed my massage practice and life.

Katie Feltz
Katie Feltz September 25, 2023

This program taught me so much about running a massage practice as a solo provider! 6 months after completing the program, I was bringing in twice as much as I was before the program, and I have great strategies of how to keep growing. Think of it like going back to school for a degree in business, but where your teacher knows the industry and has legitimate advice, and every one in the class is motivated and helps each other. Between the friendships, personal growth, business growth, and capability and confidence I've gained from this program, it's the best money I ever spent on my business. Highly recommend this program if you're serious about having a successful massage practice!

Anna Michelle
Anna Michelle September 25, 2023

She really knows her stuff!

Dameon Jensen
Dameon Jensen August 17, 2023


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