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Spotlight – Eli’s Successful Launch of Body Euphoria, a Trans-Friendly, Trans-Owned Massage Therapy Center in Pittsburgh

With Rebecca Overson

Just bragging about one of my favorite humans on the PLANET!… Eli Shumaker! Check out this link above to an awesome writeup.

I have had the honor of helping this beautiful soul make his dream of a purpose-driven private practice come true.

In just 8 weeks, Eli and I worked together and created, branded, and launched his trans-friendly massage practice, with a mission to help members of the LGBTQ community feel at home in their bodies.

This is so. needed. And the dream is now a REALITY!

On a personal note… Eli is going down in history as the most coachable massage therapist I have ever had the privilege of mentoring. I knew from the start that he had the drive and passion, but just needed some strategy and guidance – and confidence – to make it GO. He soaked up every lesson, every call, every assignment, and just poured his heart and soul into this project. Eli, thank you for trusting me.

I'm proud. Just… freaking proud.

I remember telling Eli, “You are never doing anyone any favors by dimming your light.” It was like a switch flipped – and his reasons and fears and excuses turned into action.

Eli, thank you for DOING WHAT IT TAKES to let your light shine! The world needs you!


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